Sports Physical Therapy

It's important to understand that taping is not a replacement for seeing your health care professional to make sure that there is no serious injury.

Sports Physical Therapy

Treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries is at the center of our physical therapy practice. Using a team approach with physicians, coaches and parents, our physical therapists design and implement programs for the management of these injuries in individuals of all ages and abilities.

The practice of physical therapy also includes those interventions that assist athletes in preventing injuries. Prevention tools utilized by our physical therapists consist of:

  • Cardiovascular fitness programs
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Plyometric conditioning programs
  • Pre-participation screening
  • Strength training programs

Athletes in Motion

This program is designed for middle school through collegiate athletes, focuses on two factors that often can lead to overuse injuries and knee ligament injuries — improper movement mechanics and muscle imbalance.

Our certified athletic trainer and doctor of physical therapy provides one-on-one instruction for safe movement and increased performance. With individualized plans, athletes can gain strength and confidence to move forward in their sport.
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Our physical therapists are actively involved in the education of athletes, parents and coaches about the various preventative and management techniques utilized in managing sports related injuries. Along with the treatment and prevention of sports related injuries our sports physical therapists are able to assist athletes in improving their athletic performance in a variety of ways. The foundation of performance enhancement is developed through completion of thorough evaluation of the neuromusculoskeletal and the cardiovascular/pulmonary systems. The results of this evaluation define each athlete's functional strengths and weaknesses allowing for the development of individualize training programs.

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