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Families will appreciate the look and feeling of our Women and Infants Center, which completed a $4 million renovation in 2015. You’ll find numerous amenities in each room—from spacious showers to bigger sleeping accommodations—as well as a nursery, birthing suites and more. It’s all part of offering the outstanding care families in the Chippewa Valley have come to know. So you can have the best possible birthing experience.

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Our team of highly-trained, devoted doctors and nurses work together to provide the best possible birth experience for you. Our board-certified obstetricians and family practitioners delivered over 400 babies last year, and we will welcome you and your family with comfortable, private labor/delivery rooms, and patient-centered care. Once your little one has made his or her grand entrance, our trained nursing professionals care for you and your baby as a couplet, ensuring continuity of care for both of you.

After your delivery, you will also be given a keepsake of your baby’s footprints and a complimentary gift as a special congratulations from St. Joseph’s Hospital.


We offer a variety of classes to help you and your family prepare for your new arrival. Topics include childbirth, breastfeeding, car seat safety, and other topics of interest to expectant parents. Our classes are led by experienced childbirth and lactation educators as well as other professional hospital staff.

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This online version of our prenatal class series is guided by our Women and Infants Center nurses using a web-enhanced guide. You have access to our nurses via email or phone at any time to answer specific questions you might have. This service is free of charge.

Call (715) 717-7421 for more information about how to start the online classes.


Every birth is unique. To create the best experience for you, we suggest downloading My Birth Plan and fill in specific questions that can help us ensure your specific needs and requests are met. Discuss with Women and Infants Center nurses prior to delivery.

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