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Financial Assistance

Our Financial Assistance program is a direct reflection of our mission to provide healthcare to all people, regardless of their ability to pay.

All patients are welcome to apply for financial assistance to determine if they meet guidelines established by the Financial Assistance Committee. These guidelines are not meant to discourage anyone from seeking financial assistance, but they are designed to ensure hospital resources are used by people who qualify.

Through our Financial Assistance program:

  • Patients who do not have the financial resources to pay for services or have incurred financial hardship may have their hospital bills partially or completely forgiven—if they meet the requirements.
  • Financial Assistance does not include bad debt; it is truly the cost of providing healthcare to those who have the obligation and willingness to pay, but do not have the ability to pay.

To Apply for Financial Assistance:

  • Applicants can call Patient Financial Services at (715) 717-4141 to make an appointment or for more information.

  • Patient Financial Services staff will assist the applicant in completing the Financial Assistance Application form.  The application can be found by visiting the HSHS Financial Assistance Program webpage and clicking on the Western Wisconsin Financial Assistance Application box.

  • The applicant will be required to furnish proof of income and information on assets and on possible future income. A tax return, bank statements and payroll stubs for the past 90 days must also be submitted for proof of income.
  • The Financial Assistance Committee will review the application and supporting documents and determine if the applicant meets the guidelines.


Any patient or responsible party (i.e. head of household, spouse, parent, grandparent, etc.) who feels they may be in need of financial assistance can apply. The Hospital's Financial Assistance Guidelines will determine level of need and who qualifies.

To view current guidelines, please visit our HSHS Financial Assistance Program web page and select the Financial Assistance Brochure for Western Wisconsin. 


Applicants will be notified in writing if they are eligible and what percentage of their account will be credited. Patient Financial Services will subtract the approved financial assistance amount from the patient's bill and confirm payment arrangement on any remaining balance. A notation will be placed in the patient's file regarding what portion of their bill was forgiven through the Financial Assistance program.

If you do not qualify for Financial Assistance, you will be sent a letter explaining why you are not eligible. Ineligible applicants must make arrangements to pay their account by calling Patient Financial Services at (715) 717-4141 within 14 days.

Applicants are eligible to reapply at any time for financial assistance if their financial situation changes.

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