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Patient and Family Advisors

Patient and family advisors provide a voice that represents all patients and families of patients who receive care at HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital. They partner with hospital doctors, nurses, and administrators to help improve the quality of our hospital's cares.


When you or a loved one was in the hospital, did you think there were things we could have done better? Do you have ideas about how to make sure other patients and families get the very best care possible?

At HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital, patient and family advisors give us feedback and ideas to help improve the quality and safety of care we provide. The Patient and Family Advisory Councill meets each month for 1 ½ hours to review educational materials, work on projects, share feedback, and provide ideas to help to continue to improve the experience all patients have at our hospital. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, please consider applying to join the group!

For more information, please contact our Director of Patient Relations, at 715.717.7309 or email

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